Course schedule outline

Course Structure

History of Champissage™
Unit I
Practical - Massage of the shoulders
Unit II
Practical - Massage of the upper arms

Revision of Units I & II

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive grounding in the theoretical basis and practical application of Indian Champissage™. Students will be able to use the technique as a principal or subsidiary part of their professional practice.


Benefits & Contraindications
Unit III
Practical - Massage of the neck

Revision of Units I, II and III
Unit IV
Practical - Massage of the head
Revision of Units I - IV

Introduction of Chakra energy
Unit V
Practical - Massage of the face, ears & energy balancing techniques
Stress Management
Anatomy and discussion of exam format
Final revision of Units I - V
Distribution of Attendance Certificates

L.C.I.C. Register

(London School of Indian Champissage International)

Once qualified (having completed the three-day Indian Champissage™ workshop as well as the required case studies and home study and passed the exam to become a Certified Practitioner) you can subscribe to the L.C.I.C. Register. It is distributed to all those looking for qualified therapists, and will appear on the L.C.I.C. Website,

Indian Champissage™

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Workshop dates and locations for 2018:
Indian Champissage
In Lakewood (near Long Beach), Southern California:
9-11 March,
26-28 April
Santa Rosa area, California:
8-10 June
East Coast USA: Orlando area, Florida
will be announced shortly 
See also Kansa Vatki information
Email or call for details.
Completion of this three-day course does not confer the authority to practice this modality. Participants are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.