What is Kansa Vatki (KV) Ayurvedic Foot Massage™?

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Variations to the Kansa Vatki (KV) Ayurvedic Foot Massage™ have been practiced in India for centuries according to established Ayurvedic tradition.  Most of the strokes are light and follow a specific sequence to obtain the desired results.
Like Indian Champissage™, Kansa Vatki (KV) Ayurvedic Foot Massage™ may help to relax and de-stress.  Different to a Champissage session, where the client is fully clothed and seated in a chair, the Kansa Vatki recipient comfortably reclines on a massage table, with legs uncovered to the knee.  Each foot and leg below the knee receives about 20 minutes of light massage and work on specific (marma) points, with the entire session taking about 50 minutes to one hour. In this modality, ghee (clarified butter) is used on legs and feet, both for lubrication and for its specific Ayurvedic benefits.
What sets Kansa Vatki (KV) Ayurvedic Foot Massage™ apart from other modalities is the use of a unique three-metal bowl; each of the three metals has a specific significance in Ayurvedic application. Among other benefits it is meant to help rebalance the three Ayurvedic body types, the 'doshas', Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Kansa Vatki is especially appreciated by all who spend long hours on their feet.
The one-day workshop is oriented towards ensuring the success of all participants; it is very much 'hands-on' and it comprises the entire technique and associated information.
Your instructor Irmgard Byrd is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider # 451570-11.
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Kansa Vatki (KV) Ayurvedic Foot Massage™

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Completion of this course does not confer the authority to practice this modality. Participants are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Irmgard Byrd is a Certified Massage Therapist in Calilfornia, CAMTC License # 5778, NCBTMB- Approved Continuing Education Provider # 451570-11 and Florida Board of Massage Therapy Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider # 50-19318